Choosing an Appliance Repair Company – 10 Factors to Consider

Whenever appliances malfunction in a home or business, it’s always advisable to call an experienced technician to fix the problem. That’s because the technician knows what to do, hence there is no risk of damaging the appliance further. Now, finding the best appliance repair company in a market filled with many unreliable service providers can be challenging. Which is why we’ve come up with a few factors to look for in a technician before hiring.

Time keeping

Time is extremely important. Especially if you are on a tight schedule seven days a week. You need an appliance repair expert who responds fast to service requests and can show up at the agreed time. Plus, it would be great if they are able to get the job done on the first trial.

A company’s Authorization

Does the technician have authorization from the product’s manufacturer to handle their product? This is important because a company that’s authorized to oversee repairs is sure to do the job right, and they can talk to the manufacturer to chip in to repair costs even after the expiry of a warranty.

Available stock

Take time to visit the company’s physical address and check out what they have in stock. It could make all the difference in determining if a company is good for business or not. A reliable organization is likely to have appliance parts and fixtures for all brands and models in South Africa.

Number of employees

A good appliance repair company should have at least five accredited technicians to handle their projects. This will ensure clients get quality services since there is no overload on a single employee. It is easier to handle more than one job at a time.

Location of the company

When looking at the location of a company, always go for the local technician. Why? Because it’s easy to communicate and make arrangements with somebody who is near. Plus, they know the area, hence they can show up at your place on short notice.

The cost – request for an estimate

Since it will eventually come down to the cost and expenses for the repairs, you need to plan ad budget accordingly. And the best way to do that is by requesting an estimate. Seasoned technicians should be able to draft a rough estimate on the spot based on your appliance repair needs. Furthermore, comparing quotes from different companies can help you determine who to work with.


For simple jobs like rubber ring replacement on your sink, it’s more convenient and cost-effective to do the job yourself. However, you still need to seek advice from a licensed repair company about what parts to buy, how much the parts cost, and the best place to buy.

Check the Warranty

A valid warranty will save you unnecessary hassle and expenses. You simply need to inform the manufacturer about the appliance malfunction, and they will take care of everything. However, if you are dealing with an expired warranty, your best option is to look for a technician.

Response time

The best company to work with is one that responds fast to your service request. Even though some services like the kitchen disposal can wait, it’s good to know a technician will be readily available, so that when it’s time to fix an urgent fridge problem you won’t have any worries.

Check the Problem

Always try and check the cause of the problem before you seek help from a professional repair company. You can use the manual as a guide to see if the issue is something you can fix. This should save you both time and money.

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